UK Curriculum lessons

If your child attends local Swiss school but you would like them to stay up to date with the UK national curriculum then we can help you.  We have small group classes taught by UK qualified primary school teachers.  Please see below for our current schedule. Next year we will be adding more classes to our timetable.  If you cannot see what you are looking for then please contact us with your request.  We are able to add new classes depending on the demand.


Wednesdays  8.30am - 11.20am  Phonics 1 class        5-6 year olds learn individual letter sounds and                                                                                                            correct letter formation.​  They will learn to blend these

                                                                                       sounds to make words.

Wednesdays 12.45pm - 1.45pm   Writing workshop 1   5-7 year olds are encouraged to write for a range of

                                                                                        purposes, such as non-fiction, imaginative texts,                                                                                                          poetry.

Wednesdays  2.00pm -  3.00pm   Writing workshop 2   8-10 year olds are encouraged to plan and review                                                                                                         their writing.  They learn to use the grammar they                                                                                                                        know in their writing.  They will learn about characters,                                                                                                                plot and settings in their story writing.

Thursdays      1.00pm  - 4.00pm   Phonics 2 class         Children learn consonant and vowel digraphs such as                                                                                                                  'sh', 'ai', 'oo'.  They will be able to read high frequency 

                                                                                                     words and tricky words that cannot be sounded out.