Terms and Conditions

Term Dates


As in the UK, Shooting Stars has 3 terms per year; Autumn, Spring & Summer. We follow the Kanton of Zug holidays.


For the school year 2019/20 dates are as follows:

Autumn - 20th August - 20th December 2019

Spring - 6th January - 10th April 2020

Summer - 27th April - 3rd July 2020


Registration Fee: 

A non-refundable registration fee (per family) is required to secure a place for your child. The amount is as follows:

1-2 Sessions per week – CHF100

3-5 Sessions per week – CHF 150



Morning preschool session: CHF 45

Phonics 1 session (Wednesday am): CHF 50 (including all materials)

Group lessons: CHF40  (Including all materials)



Sibling discounts: 10% discount is given to the fees of the sibling attending the least amount of preschool sessions a week.

5 Session Discount: 10% discount is given to any child attending 5 sessions per week. (This discount cannot be combined with the sibling discount)


Fee Calculation: 

Fees are calculated based on the number of sessions per week, multiplied by the number of weeks per term, less any holidays observed by the Unteraegeri Gemeinde and discounts mentioned above.


Fee Review: 

Fees are reviewed every August.


Payment of fees: 

Fees are payable termly in advance by the payment date on the invoice.


Waiting List Policy and Procedure: 

A child is placed on the waiting list in the order of the date on which the registration form and fee is received. Places are subject to availability


Changing days and or giving notice: 

8 weeks notice in writing is required to withdraw your child from preschool.  If you wish to withdraw your child part way through a term, no refund can be given. 

Increases and day changes are subject to availability


Ad hoc Additional days: 

Ad hoc additional days can sometimes be accommodated, please contact us in advance to see if there is any availability



Fees are non refundable in cases of child sickness or family holidays. We do not offer reductions or alternative days for any absences.  In the unlikely event a session has to be cancelled due to teacher sickness a refund will be offered.  Cases of force majeure are excluded.



If your child becomes ill, or has an accident while attending Shooting Stars, we will contact you by telephone. If there is no reply we will contact your emergency contact numbers. Please ensure these are always up-to-date and inform us if emergency contacts/mobile numbers change during the year. If your child has been vomiting or had diarrhoea, please be aware that they must be clear of these symptoms for at least 48 hours before coming back to pre-school.


Trial Session:

You are welcome to attend one free trial session with your child


Settling in:

All children are different and respond in different ways; some are ready to be left almost immediately, whilst for others it is a longer process. We will work with you to ensure that the settling in process is appropriate for your child.



Shooting Stars is covered by an accident insurance policy however it is the responsibility of the parents to provide personal insurance as they feel necessary.



An important part of our day is snack time. The children sit together, learn to socialise and enjoy each other’s company. With this in mind we ask all parents to send their child with a healthy snack and water bottle.


Appropriate Clothing:

Please ensure that your child comes to Shooting Stars in suitable clothing. We encourage the children to experiment with their surroundings but cannot accept responsibility for stains or damage to clothes caused whilst at preschool.  They will almost definitely get wet or messy!  They will need a full set of spare clothes to keep in the playroom.  Please also provide your child with outdoor clothes appropriate for the weather.  We aim to go outside every day.










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